The Prayer of the Righteous

The Prayers of the Righteous

My great grandma, Maude Carter was one of the most amazing women I’ve ever known.. I’ve always remembered her as being very old. To me, she was always old, I guess because she died when I was 20 and she was in her eighties at that time. We had to take care of her for the last years of her life. She was a handful and always like to show you who was the boss. Some days she would forget where she was at and often talk to her boyfriend in the wall but even during those times of confusion she could tell you the day she met Jesus and gave her life to Christ. No matter how confused she was that day never left her memory and when we laid her down for bed she would spend the next hour praying out loud for her family. We would hear her crying out to God for her family and would often mention us lazy teenagers who didn’t know how to clean. She would ask God to bless us. I know that the God of Heaven had His ear bent to this little eighty year old grandma who believed that He had the power to move on her behalf.

I’m thankful for those prayers and the memories of my great grandma. I wish I could have gotten to know her better. I wish I could have heard all the stories that deepened her faith. I cannot wait to meet her again in heaven. I know that she is waiting for me.

Who do you remember? Who has made the greatest impact in your life? If they are alive, tell them. If not, honor their memory. If you do not recall anyone like that in your life…find someone.

Teresa Oechsli
Hosea’s House Ministries

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