About Us

HH-logo-1Hosea’s House is a home for the broken who have a desire to move forward in life and not allow their past to determine their destiny.  Our mission is to extend the love and compassion of Jesus Christ to women & children in crisis, through advocacy, education, housing, community outreach and prayer. Hosea’s House guides families in reaching their greatest potential as they grow in confidence and become empowered by the love of Christ.

How did we get here?

In 2004, my friend Jeanette was a victim of domestic violence but her life was so much more than that. She believed that women in crisis should have a “safe place”,  somewhere to retreat and reorganize her life. She shared her vision with me only weeks before she was murdered. She wanted us to open a house that showered love and compassion, a place where Christ was the center of it all because we know that He is the only one that can truly heal our brokenness and she wanted women & children in crisis to know that someone loved them.

Unfortunately, her life was taken before we could see the vision come to pass.  I made her a promise that I would pursue her dream and after five years of waiting and praying, we opened Hosea’s House on the five year anniversary of her death. Her desire to love the broken lives on through our ministry.

Any event can be a crisis if it wipes out our ability to make sense out of what is happening. We feel helpless; the victim of events beyond reason and certainly beyond our control. Maybe you’re in crisis or may know someone who is.  If so, I pray you have the strength to do “something”.  Take the first step, the Lord will meet you there. I’ve been there, I know what it feels like to feel helpless and so alone. I promise, He will lead and guide you…the Lord has great plans for you. Just believe!

Hear the stories of those who have found forgiveness and healing, go to Hosea’s House Documentary.

Teresa Oechsli, Founder