Volunteer Opportunities

Hosea’s House has the following volunteer opportunities that work for individuals and groups:

Mentors–  develop, encourage and build friendships with the women & children who have little to no outside support system.

Organize A Donation Drive- We are always in need of household donations such as: Toilet paper, paper towels, soap, dish detergent, laundry detergent, 13 gallon trash bags, ziploc bags, razors, personal hygiene products, air freshener, conditioner and deodorant.

Administration– someone with a gift of organization and administration.

Web Design- someone with experience in web development and social media.

Carpenter and/or Maintenance- someone who can maintain repairs and updates on the house as needed.

Coordinate One Day Event- we are always looking for ideas to have a “fun day” maybe you would like to plan a cookout or have an ice cream social. The ideas are endless and we would love to hear your ideas.

Landscaping- we are always in need of someone or group to help spruce of the yard with flowers, trim the scrubs and regular yard maintenance.

Fundraising Coordinator– we are in need of someone to help with fundraising activities and event planning. If this is your gift, we would love to hear from you.

Church or Community Advocate for Hosea’s House-we are in need of someone who would love to be champion for Hosea’s House at your Church or organization. This person would be responsible for keeping everyone updated on the ministry, encourage volunteer participation and create opportunities for Hosea’s House to speak about the ministry.

We are always looking for those with a gift for sewing, cooking, education, exercise and proper nutrition. Please let us know how you would like to serve.

Please fill out volunteer application on the next page. You can contact Teresa Oechsli at 502-418-3458  with questions or to register to volunteer.

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