Running the Race

For the past 6 weeks I’ve been trying to run. I say trying because it’s been a slow start. I’m proud to say that I’ve managed to run a mile and for me that’s a huge accomplishment. Everyday I’ve been trying to go a little further without my lungs exploding. Slowly I’ve been able to push myself a little further along. I know one day I’ll look back on this small beginning and laugh but right now, it’s not very funny. I’m sure you can relate.

I saw a commercial today that really spoke to me. It was in regards to the Olympics and it showed this guy swimming. He said, “I didn’t wish I would be going to London, I didn’t hope I would be going to London, I didn’t dream I would be going to London. I swam all the way to London”. That got my attention! I thought, that’s what it takes. Hard work and pressing through. Every.Single.Day. I guess that was my motivation for the need to run in spite of the approaching storm and a little lightening. So. off I went. I didn’t know at the time that God had a bigger plan… He’s like that.

I was running and I started praying for every burden I was trying to carry on my own. I prayed out loud to God for family and friends. I had all the bases covered. It was at that time God started speaking to me. You know, that still small voice. I was crying out for myself and all those that I had prayed for and I ask God to give us the fresh wind that will give us the power to go a little further when we don’t think we have it in us to go on. Send down power to finish the race, not to grow weary or faint at heart. Give us a strong desire to finish the coarse and that it would exceed everything else this world has to offer. As I was praying, I knew that I would run further than I ever had. I knew He was about to show me what I was praying for….the extra wind beneath my sails. I lifted my hands in praise when I reached the mark. I praised His Holy Name. I thanked Him for showing me that all I had to do was call out to Him. In spite of the storm, I went a little further and so will you. Our Maker has big plans for us. He does not want us to quit or surrender in defeat. He has what you and I need to finish strong. So, do not give up! Let’s run all the way to Heaven.

Teresa Oechsli
Hosea’s House Ministries

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