God Even Uses Toy Monkeys to Give Us Guidance

Do you remember this old toy monkey? He was popular in the 60’s and 70’s and I loved him! When I was 5 years old my best friend had a monkey just like this one. I wanted one just like hers. We were poor and I was the baby of five so I knew that getting one from my parents was out of question. So, I prayed. Before I went to bed I prayed and ask God for a stuffed monkey with a banana in his mouth. Oh, I didn’t stop there. I even ask God to put it on my front porch when I woke up. I knew my Daddy cared about what I knew I really needed and had no doubt that He would provide. I got up that morning and ran straight to the door. Imagine my face when I looked down to see that my dog had dragged a stuffed monkey home that night and placed it at my front door. I hugged that monkey and looked up to my Daddy and said, “thank you.”

That was nearly forty years ago…. It was the first prayer I can remember God answering for me. I gave that monkey to a hurting little boy years ago but God allowed me more monkeys to remind me that He is a God who cares and hears our prayers when we have faith to believe Him. I honestly believe that is why I have such great faith in my Father. I have learned that He can be trusted and He knows what I need. God has often reminded me of that answered prayer when it looked like Hosea’s House was never going to happen. When days turned in to months and months in to years. Five years it would take for my vision to come to pass. So often God would remind me of that sweet little monkey.
When I was wondering if I should go part-time and work on Hosea’s House I ask God to
confirm that by sending me another monkey. Something I honestly thought was impossible since I hadn’t seen that monkey since the early 70’s. Within a week of that prayer God sent me two monkeys. Isn’t He just like that? Just when you think you can get one over on Him He gives you double. I remember laying in bed holding that monkey and crying because I remembered how I felt when I was five years old. God is so good!

God can be trusted. Do not let the enemy rob you of your promise land. God has more monkeys in the store house. What is it you need to believe God for? Be still….and know that He is God. Psalms 46:10. I can’t wait to hear your story.

Serving the vineyard,

Teresa Oechsli
Hosea’s House Ministries

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